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Regardless of the reasons why a person may be facing criminal charges, it can be a terribly scary situation full of questions, concerns and worries. At The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC it is our last desire that you feel uneasy during your criminal hearing or trial. That is why we seek to thoroughly investigate each client's case and determine the best path to take in order to get the results desired. We provide personalized attention for each case and give all of our efforts towards safeguarding each client's rights.

Looking at the City of Hilliard

The booming town of Hilliard is growing quickly into a place in Ohio that people want to move to. Constantly building new homes, it provides a nice peaceful environment for older individuals or parents who no longer have kids around the house to come and reside. There is a small population in this town in general and it is mostly a white-collar community. Most of the residents in Hilliard are fairly wealthy and highly educated. The average family of four makes a six figure income above $100,000 annually.

High Amount of Property Crime

Although the city of Hilliard is mostly safe and has a low rate of violent crime, there is a large amount of property crimes occurring annually. For each 1,000 individuals in the nation, the median for property crime rates is at 29.4. Hilliard is above that median by a few points, with a rate of 29.12 crimes per 1,000 residents. The highest number of offenses involves thefts with 642 incidents in 2011. The reason for this could be a number of different factors including the level of income and the size of estates in the area. Areas like this are attractive to burglars and thieves living in the surrounding lower income areas.

Obtaining Legal Representation

If you have found yourself being charged with allegations of criminal action, it is imperative that you seek out legal assistance immediately. Do not attempt to talk to police officers and answer their questions without having a qualified lawyer at your side. Any information you give out may be used against you if not handled properly. Having the Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC work with your case, you will be able to rest easier knowing that an experienced legal team is working diligently to investigate your case. It is our goal to not only protect your rights, but to bring you the results that you truly deserve.

On one occasion, Attorney Brian Jones was representing a client during a particular trial case, when the judge asked that he be prepared with a defense in merely two hours. Knowing that this was not enough time to investigate and provide proper evidence for his case, he refused to comply with the court's orders. He was deemed in contempt of court and was arrested for his actions. After receiving national attention for his sacrificial attitude, he was given the prestigious President's Commendation for Outstanding Service. Not only is he dedicated to his clients, but his entire legal team is just as passionate as him about pursuing exemplary results.

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