Cases of Child Molestation

Illegal Conduct with Minors

The crime of molesting a child is known for being one of the most deplorable acts that an adult can do, and those that are convicted will face life-long consequences that they will never be able to change. While we take matters regarding child molestation very seriously the same as everyone else, there is one element to child molestation charges that simply cannot be ignored and these are "false accusations."

Yes, of course we need to be vigilant about child molestation and it's a known fact that many abusers were abused as children themselves; however, just because a parent or a child is making such allegations it doesn't mean they are true. Tragically, there are a significant percentage of parents that go so far to dream up child molestation accusations, and in most cases this occurs in bitter divorces and heated child custody battles.

Whether that person was a mother who coached her child to lie, or if it was a grandparent who fed the child ideas about their parent, or if it was a young teenage girl that made up lies purely to hurt her parents, all of these situations can and do happen and such lies can ruin an innocent person's life. The sad part of it is that once a father or a mother, or a coach or a caregiver is accused of child molestation, it can be difficult to shake the stigma that goes along with it and people in their community and their circle can begin treating the accused very differently

If you have been accused of child molestation, no matter whether you are a father, or an uncle, or a babysitter, or a school teacher, it's absolutely imperative that you seek the assistance of a skilled attorney from our firm, otherwise the consequences could negatively impact all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Any unlawful sexual activity between a child and an adult can fall under the heading of child molestation. This charge includes offenses of rape, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, importuning, sexual assault, incest, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, indecent exposure, lewd and lascivious conduct, and child prostitution. Because a minor is under the age of consent for sexual activity, any sexual act involving a minor is completely unlawful.

Being accused of child molestation is an extremely serious matter which can have a devastating impact on the life of the accused. Such charges can negatively impair personal relationships, career and job prospects and relationships, and social standing. If convicted, the offender may face heavy fines, probation, court-ordered counseling, and imprisonment. It has been noted that almost 10% of those who commit this violent offense were given a life sentence in prison or the death penalty. In lesser cases, the average sentence given is 11 years in prison.

Mandatory registration as a sex offender is also a resulting consequence. The sex offender registry can be accessed by the public, including future neighbors, employers, and others. Not only is this embarrassing, but it can greatly hinder future job opportunities or educational pursuits, as it stays with you for life.

Qualified Legal Help

If you are being investigated for a child molestation crime and have not been formally charged yet, it is crucial that you contact a lawyer at our office as soon as possible. Often charges can be avoided entirely through intervention of a skilled criminal defense lawyer. If you have already been charged with child molestation of any kind, it is even more imperative to contact a lawyer immediately. Our criminal defense firm represents clients who are facing criminal charges of all kinds. Because you are facing a very serious criminal charge, with long-lasting adverse consequences, it is vital that you get the aggressive legal assistance you need. Often, these cases can be settled out of court. With the competent help of one of our attorneys, the dire consequences of a criminal conviction may be avoided and the person's reputation restored.

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