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Defending Young People Charged with Juvenile Crimes

At the Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC, we protect the rights of young people who have been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime. A conviction can lead to serious problems for a minor, including the inability to get a good job, enter certain colleges and in some cases, could lead to a long period of incarceration. Although the juvenile justice system in Delaware is generally "softer" than the adult criminal justice system, and is geared towards rehabilitation. Even so, the damage to your son or daughter could be significant if convicted.

At our firm, we defend against all types of juvenile crimes, including DUI, shoplifting, vandalism, as well as serious criminal offenses, from assault to felony theft crimes, to the most serious violent offenses such as murder, kidnapping and sex crimes.

Criminal Defense Law Firm for Juvenile Crime Cases in Delaware, OH

Young people are inexperienced and make mistakes, as most of us did when we were younger. A simple mistake, including choosing the wrong people to associate with, can lead to very serious consequences. Our goal at our firm is to protect the rights of young defendants, and to achieve a positive outcome in court, a dismissed charge, or to reduce penalties or charges. Every case has unique circumstances and evidence, and the first step we need to undertake is to review these details. Upon an evaluation, we can determine what course of action will best work to protect the rights of the young defendant.

One issue that could arise is in a serious felony crime, the prosecutor may ask the court to have the case moved to adult court. This allows for far heavier penalties, and the life of the offender will be forever altered if this is successful. We are highly committed, persuasive, and talented in court. Whether the case involves charges in a very serious violent felony, a misdemeanor or other offense, we will take every possible legal action to help your child avoid a lifetime of consequences.

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