What Does Kidnapping Entail?

Understanding If These Charges Apply to Your Situation

Often times people don't realize how a small altercation with one's spouse or a family member can quickly spiral out of control. Once the other person decides they don't want to go somewhere, if they are forced to go into a vehicle or if they are taken to another location against their will, then it can become a case of kidnapping; this can even happen with somebody's own friends. Kidnapping doesn't always have to be the same as it is in the movies where a young child or someone's wife is kidnapped for ransom; it can simply involve taking your own child away from their custodial parent or even locking someone in a room against their will.

Unfortunately, when it comes to kidnapping and the law, this is one offense that can result in serious penalties upon conviction, regardless of how innocent the alleged kidnapper's intentions were. Tragically, the ramifications of a kidnapping charge can be devastating to every aspect of the person's personal and professional life, thus having the potential to result in years in prison and thousands in fines.

Kidnapping involves taking a person against their will and often holding them in false imprisonment. This crime may be done to obtain ransom money. It may also be committed as child abduction in cases of child custody disputes where a parent has been denied custody of his or her child. Conviction of kidnapping carries harsh punishments involving long prison sentences. If the kidnapped person was taken across state lines, it becomes a federal crime as well. Kidnapping in these cases may be investigated by the FBI or other federal agencies, as well as law enforcement at the state and local level.

Under Ohio law, kidnapping is defined as removing a person from the place they are found by force, threat, or deception for the purposes of ransom, hostage, to terrorize or inflict serious physical harm, or to engage in sexual activity. It is charged as a felony in the first degree unless the offender releases the victim unharmed which is a felony in the second degree. Because of the dire penalties connected with a conviction of kidnapping, it is imperative that you have our firm handling your case as early as possible to help construct an effective defense.

Kidnapping Cases in Ohio

Kidnapping is a serious offense which will result in severe penalties upon conviction. If you or someone you know is facing a criminal investigation or formal charges of kidnapping in Delaware or in the surrounding areas of central Ohio, you will need to retain the services of a highly-qualified attorney who focuses on criminal defense. We care about your future and we urge you to contact a dedicated lawyer at our firm to discuss the specific facts of your case as soon as possible. Our firm concentrates the majority of its practice on criminal defense and our attorneys will begin working on your case immediately to improve the outcome and to reduce the consequences that you face.

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