Incidents of Violent Criminal Actions

Were you arrested for a violent crime?

Violent crimes are not as black and white as they first appear. There is often an entire set of circumstances that led up the violent act; however, the prosecution, judge and jury may not be aware of the facts surrounding the case that led the defendant to behave violently. Common reasons why a person becomes violent and lashes out include:

  • They are victims of domestic violence.
  • They were provoked.
  • They were persistently bullied.
  • They acted in self defense.
  • They were protecting someone else.
  • They were forced to commit the crime out of fear for their life.

If a woman has been violently abused by her husband for years and she finally stabs him during a violent attack, then she might have had no other choice. Or, if someone is attacked by a few gang members and in self defense they throw a deadly blow while fighting back, these circumstances will need to be explained because without the history behind the attack, those working to convict the person are not able to make an educated decision when handing down the punishment. Therefore, it's extremely important that we carefully review your case and that we ensure that all circumstances that led up to the event are presented before the opposition and the judge.

If someone assaulted a stranger who was violently striking a small child, this motive will need to be explained because the individual was doing what they thought was right to stop the other person from injuring the child. As you can see, there are so many factors that come into play when it comes to violent crimes, and for this reason it's imperative that we do what we can to reduce if not drop all charges against you. There are those times when violence is the only answer when someone or someone else's life is in danger and we understand that, yet it will be necessary to prove the reasons behind the actions in order for the person to have a chance at avoiding a conviction.

Severe Penalties for a Serious Crime

Violent crimes are those which involve the use of force or threat of force, such as murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated burglary, arson, and aggravated assault. A conviction of these types of crimes will result in lengthy prison sentences or life imprisonment, heavy fines, lengthy probation, and a future as a convicted felon which can adversely impact your future. With a permanent criminal record, you may have difficulty in renting an apartment, be ineligible for certain professional licenses or educational loans, and have difficulty finding a job. The social stigma of being a convicted felon may follow you for the rest of your life.

Because of the serious nature of the consequences following a violent crime conviction, it is extremely important that you have a criminal defense attorney who has the knowledge and skills to defend you. A highly experienced lawyer at our firm will review all the evidence, police reports, witness testimony, DNA analysis, and more to help reconstruct the events that led to the charges against you, to create an effective defense, and to uncover flaws and weaknesses in the prosecution's case against you. Our firm can negotiate with prosecutors and judges on your behalf to reduce charges where possible or to minimize the penalties that may follow.

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