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The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC is a criminal defense firm. We take pride in protecting the Constitutional Rights of our clients. Through thorough investigation, diligent research and exceptional preparation we strive to offer clients the defense they expect and deserve. By employing a team approach to cases, The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC is able to represent clients more effectively than other firms who isolate single attorneys on single cases.

The team approach is very important to the success of our firm. Attorney Brian Jones serves as lead trial counsel on all cases and the firm's administrative assistant coordinates scheduling with both courts and clients and provides document organization and support services in litigation settings. Finally, the firm regularly employs law students from local law schools to assist in legal research, so the firm stays on the cutting edge of legal technology and jurisprudence.

Our Top Priority: Providing a Proper Defense

Investigation is the foundation on which all effective defenses are built. When our attorneys stand in a courtroom, it is their number one priority to know the case better than every other person in the room. During trial, the jury comes to understand our attorneys know the facts of the case better than the other lawyers and come to trust us as the presenters of the truth. Because we investigate all the facts and all the witnesses, we are able to present the whole picture to the jury. We will never be outworked.

Often a criminal case hinges on interpretation of a statute or case law. Our legal team researches all potential defenses and explores cutting edge legal arguments to obtain the best results possible for their clients. While many attorneys will dismiss legitimate arguments because of outdated case law opposing the position, our group actively pursues expansion of the Constitutional protection afforded to citizens by the Founding Fathers. The law is often described as a pendulum and opinions as to what the law is and what the law should be often oscillate over time. The firm pursues the legal options that they think are best for each case, through negotiation and litigation when necessary.

A Firm that You Can Rely On

By being intimately aware of the facts and law in each case, the attorneys at The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC pride themselves on being the most prepared lawyers in the room. Never would one of our attorneys walk into court without a trial binder filled with facts, investigative reports and legal precedent. Some lawyers think a trial is a search for the truth. A trial is about the presentation of evidence. The jury decides truth. The attorneys at our firm have gone outside the office and courtroom long before trial, found the truth and gathered the evidence necessary to support the truth in a court of law.

Each attorney in our office takes great pride in being a criminal defense lawyer. If you are facing criminal charges, contact us for a free case evaluation. When consultation is over, you will know how much we love our jobs, how much we believe in the United States Constitution and how we will employ all avenues available to obtain the best result possible.

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