At our firm, we seek to provide you with relevant and helpful information that can assist you during any criminal defense situation you may find yourself in. If and when we take on your case, we will of course perform intensive research and take necessary measures to ensure that we have thoroughly investigated all aspects of your case. We also believe that it is important to supply you with additional resources that may be of assistance to you in understanding certain facets of the legal system as well as information on Delaware, OH.

Below you will find multiple different links to various websites that provide you with knowledge on Ohio State legal codes, driving under the influence, and understanding your rights. These are merely tools for you to utilize and learn more about your situation prior to any legal action being taken and to help you throughout any trial procedures.

Court Links:
All Ohio Courts with Online Dockets

Ohio Revised Code
Ohio Administrative Code

Helpful Resources:
Eyewitness Identification Research Lab
False Confessions
Can I Tape This Witness?
Tricks Police Use to Get Confessions
Public Records Request Letter Generator

OVI Links:

4511.19 - Ohio's OVI Statute
NHTSA Field Sobriety Testing Manual - Student
NHTSA Field Sobriety Testing Manual - Instructor
Regulations for Alcohol Testing
OVI Levels and Administrative License Suspension Durations
OVI Penalties for Conviction
Driver Intervention Programs in Central Ohio
Substance Abuse and Treatment Facility Locator

Information for Ohio Drivers:
Points for Moving Violations
Penalties for Driving Under Suspension
Penalties for Driving Under Suspension
Limited Privileges While Under Suspension

Other Links:

How Will a Conviction Effect My Job/Family/Life?
Handling Law Enforcement in a Traffic Stop
Ohio Inmate Search
Ohio Correctional Institution Addresses
Substance Abuse and Treatment Facility Locator
Ohio Child Support Calculator

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