Domestic Violence Charges: The Impact

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A high profile domestic violence case involving the dismissal of a football player on a major Ohio college team has received wide media coverage. The accusations include assault and abuse. The charges are serious and the consequences can affect the future of the defendant in this particular case and for any other individuals who face similar situations. It can cost you your reputation, your career and more.

Placed at the Mercy of the Court

The court will consider many issues before sentencing in a domestic violence case. The defendant may or may not be released on bail but will receive a temporary restraining order to prevent further contact with the complaining witness. A conviction for domestic violence or abuse can have significant ramifications like jail time, payment of large fines and probation. Additionally, a conviction on charges of domestic violence may impact custody negotiations making it more difficult for the alleged offender to obtain custody or even visitation with children. The court can order an evaluation of the mental condition of the offender via a psychiatric examination, especially in the situation of a protective order or consent agreement violation. Further, the judge may order treatment as a condition of probation.

The criminal defense lawyers with our law office understand that each case is unique. You deserve a chance to defend yourself and receive fair and just treatment by the courts. One of our dedicated attorneys can provide the necessary legal support and an aggressive defense in your case.

We can discuss your legal options for a defense against domestic violence or abuse. Call The Law Offices of Brian Jones today.

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