ADHD Medication Can Reduce Likelihood of Criminal Behavior

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Each of our clients have a similar experience when first engaging with The Law Office of Brian Jones. We call it a Client Intake Appointment. Among the information gathered from the client is information about medical and psychological history. Pam Belluck of the New York Times provides a great example of why we gather the information at the outset of a case: proper medication reduces the likelihood of criminal behavior in persons diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Clients frequently balk at the gathering of the personal information. When they do, our attorney explain the reason for gathering the information, the bounds of confidentiality and the importance of honesty between client and attorney. As Ms. Belluck’s article indicates, often criminal behavior has root in a psychological disorder. Without a complete medical and psychological history, potential defenses and mitigation may be over looked. Confidentiality protects the client’s information from disclosure to third parties absent consent from the client. Self disclosure of personal information builds trust from client towards criminal defense lawyer in Delaware. Likewise, receipt of secrets builds confidence in the attorney that other information gathered from the client is accurate.

Will your psychological history affect the outcome of your case? Certainly. Do all law offices gather the critical information necessary to present a full portrait of the client at all phases of a criminal case? Certainly not. Many attorneys leave the task of demographic and contact information gathering to secretaries or information sheets. When you consult with The Law Office of Brian Jones, the attorney on your case will review your answers and probe for additional, relevant information. If you’re charged with a criminal offense, call today to consult with an attorney from our offices. We will take a look at you and the allegations levied against you holistically and develop a strategy geared at achieving the results you desire.

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