Attorney Brian Jones to Speak at Continuing Legal Education Seminar Hosted by the National Business Institute™

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At the Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC, we are not only passionate about upholding our clients’ rights but we also invest our time and energy into the field of law. Whatever we can do to assist our fellow peers in the field of criminal defense and to better serve our community further enables us to ensure that everyone has access to the best legal representation available. To illustrate, we are excited to announce that in December, our very own Brian G. Jones will be one of the featured speakers at a continuing legal education (CLE) seminar hosted by the National Business Institute™.

The seminar is entitled, “Find it Free and Fast on the Net: Strategies for Legal Research on the Web” and will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn Columbus Airport, located at 4265 Sawyer Rd, Columbus, OH 43219.The seminar will take place on Monday, December 16, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

This CLE seminar will teach legal professionals how to “harness the many uses of the Internet.” With the way we use the Internet today, we are leagues away from where we were even five years ago. To keep legal professionals up with the pace, they are going to need the streamlined research skills that will make the Internet an asset rather than making it a liability for their firm. The seminar outline asks prospective attendees, “How do your skills stack up?” The informational seminar will show attendees how to harness the Internet so it can be an excellent and valuable resource and how to:

  • Uncover quick browser tricks to scan web pages and quickly find relevant information.
  • Get statues, bills, regulations and legislative history online.
  • Use the web to find phone numbers and addresses to find missing people.
  • Find information ranging from vital statistics to professional licenses and where to look.

The course content includes: how to search like a pro, how to discover the invisible web, finding practice tools, locating people and finding background information, government Internet resources and much more. The course is 6 continuing legal education credits and is suitable for attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, law librarians, legal supportive staff, and other professionals conducting legal research.

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