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An Ohio judge just acquitted Michael Brelo. Bloggers all over the web will write think pieces on the justice of the verdict, the injustice of the verdict, the need for violent riots, the ignorance of violent riots and what the verdict means for the impending US invasion of Texas among a host of other topics. What does it mean for you?

Michael Brelo’s attorneys made a strategic decision: they tried his case to a judge rather than a jury. With tension between police and citizens on the rise in the United States, leaving the client’s fate in the hands of a jury became an increasingly risky choice. A very real possibility existed for a jury to convict Brelo solely because he was a cop. If you are charged with a heinous crime in Ohio, will your attorney be brave enough to decide between a judge and jury properly?

We serve the citizens of Ohio. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have made this tough choice in the past and chosen wisely. In one case, our client was charged with possession of large amounts of a variety of drugs. Before trial, we consulted with our client and advised he waive presentation of the case to the jury and have the judge hear the case. Upon learning of the impending bench trial, the prosecutor offered our client a plea deal with immediate release and no probation. In another example, the judge did not even require us to present evidence; he acquitted our client after the prosecutor finished his presentation.

Handling the hard cases is what we do. When the choices are tough, the criminal defense attorneys at The Law Office of Brian Jones rise to the challenge. We are not afraid to make the difficult decisions. If you’re charged with a crime in Delaware County, Franklin County, Licking County, Madison County, Marion County, Morrow County, Union County or any other part of Ohio, call us. I promise we will take every step available to ensure you receive the best advice possible.

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