How Should You Choose an Attorney?

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When choosing an attorney where do you start?

Unless you are an attorney, do you know what to look for? Your rights are of the utmost importance at all times and even more important during tense litigation. If you are like me, I want my rights defended regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the location, regardless of my education, and YES, even my financial situation.

Choosing an attorney is a difficult decision. For some individuals, they will never need an attorney nor experience any of the feelings associated with an evaluation that could change the course of your life. This choice is one that no one typically enjoys or wants to make. It is a result which appears around some of the most arduous times in your life. Finally, finding the right lawyer is challenging, and it should not be taken lightly OR be made flippantly. However, there is hope! There are ways to make this decision less painful, and less trying.

Here are some things to keep in mind which will in turn assist you in choosing an attorney. Furthermore, these are characteristics that a prospective lawyer should exude…and who knew, they all start with “P”:


Professionalism may be the most important characteristic in finding the RIGHT attorney! Why? Well most individuals in this industry/profession carry a certain persona which is visible in the community, on the internet, and the most common place…the office! A criminal defense lawyer in Delaware, or their staff should manage themselves with pride. Their intentions should be clear and concise. Finally, their processes should have a detailed objective and methodology.

Professionalism should be apparent when you contact the criminal defense attorney or their firm from beginning to end through consistent communication and sharing of documents. You should feel taken care of through and through which may possibly allow you to forget the problems you may be experiencing.

If you feel comfortable, this is one of the first stages of knowing you are making the right decision.


Although this characteristic may not be obviously apparent through a discussion when meeting with the attorney, it would be apparent due to their past experiences. When meeting with an attorney about your situation don’t feel ashamed to ask about cases they have struggled with and what they learned from it.

Or even more important…do your homework!

Which means check out this attorney and their firm by evaluating their website, social media, or even reach out to the local bar association for recommendations. Ask and look for their successes and loses respectively to evaluate how your case would stack up against those previously litigated. Finally, excluding any guarantees find out from this attorney how they can assist you in this case and beyond it. Determine what you need to do in assisting them with the case and what steps they will take throughout the course of your case.

People Skills

Mentioned briefly with the last point, people skills come in play every day for an attorney. Communicating with the public every day is a task which must be completed by an attorney, so you would believe that most should have either mastered that skill…but not all have! So when talking with an attorney, closely evaluate the dynamics in their office environment with how they speak with their peers or subordinates. Listen for cues regarding any biases or values which may not line up with your own.

While gauging these social indicators the attorney should want to create a familiar report with you even beyond your case. Their concern and relatability ought to bring you comfort, however their genuine intentions need to be expressed with what happens after you step foot out of their office or establishment. What more can they provide you and your family through a tough life experience.

Finally, look for any reviews which may be posted on their website, a third-party entity…or just look at Google!

Practical Thinker

The last characteristic which I feel is important throughout this evaluation is being a practical thinker. I believe this characteristic can tie all qualities together and can make all the difference in regard to finding the right attorney.

To be able to assess situations, avoid bias, and think clearly to draw the opposing counsel to make a mistake takes effort and is a skill learned by a practical thinker. Furthermore, this skill is one of the easiest to spot! How? It all starts with the first communication with the attorney. Once you start discussing your case and the attorney starts discussing possible outcomes (positively or negatively) due to past cases then you have found the attorney who is a practical thinker. Further clarification of this fact is an individual who places your case and life in perspective to their own. Discussing what they would seek, want, desire…etc.

A practical thinker is one who will not only fight for your rights but will do their best to achieve the best possible result, because, after all, it is your life that’s on the line


Many other factors will also come into play while making this decision and are by no means unimportant. But at the end of the day, year, decade and beyond will you remember the cost? Will you remember the prosecutor? Will you remember the judge or magistrate? Will you even remember why you were there in the first place?


However, the experience you may treasure the most is the time, effort, outcome, and dedication your attorney gave. Human beings are social entities yearning for a life experience, a story to tell and a life to impact…even if it is our own life. Due to this fact you will more than likely remember these characteristics throughout your life as you experienced them through the lowest of lows and or highest of highs.

Ever wonder what finding an attorney with these qualities should look and or feel like? Give The Law Office of Brian Jones a call at (740) 883-3400 to find out! And ask how we can defend your rights as we’d want ours defended!

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