Protecting Your Reputation if You Are Falsely Accused of Child Molestation

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In the criminal justice system, individuals accused of committing crimes are innocent unless proven guilty. That being said, the court of public opinion may not examine the evidence before passing judgment. For those who are falsely accused of child molestation, rumors and innuendo related to the accusations can damage their reputation.

If you are falsely accused of child molestation, you can make a few smart decisions that protect you from facing additional allegations. Whether your job requires you to work closely with children or if you are involved in a bitter custody dispute, it is critical that your conduct is beyond reproach.

Reducing the Likelihood of Facing Additional Accusations

A few steps that you can take include:

  • When interacting with children or parents act respectfully and professionally1. You should monitor your behavior and avoid sharing inappropriate jokes or comments.
  • If you are a teacher, coach, child care worker or work closely with kids in another capacity, keep your interactions public. Try to meet in open spaces where other adults are present. If you are forced to be in close-proximity of a child, keep your door open so that passersby can see you.
  • If you are engaged in a divorce, try to maintain a professional relationship with your estranged spouse. It may be best to avoid emotional confrontations during divorce proceedings. Resolving your custody dispute as amicably as possible may prevent your soon-to-be former spouse from leveling false allegations that affect your parental rights.
  • Shut down your social media accounts. Old posts can be taken out of context, may not have aged well with changing societal norms, or may be offensive in light of the allegations you face.
  • Have a lawyer handle communications with law enforcement and the prosecution. If the police become involved or if you are charged with a crime, even innocuous statements can be used against you. A criminal defense attorney in Delaware can protect your rights2 and make sure that your words and actions are assessed within the proper context.

It may not be possible to prevent others from making false accusations against you, but taking these proactive measures can help you protect your reputation and future.

How Can People Who Are Falsely Accused Protect Their Rights?

You need to act immediately if you are accused of molesting a child and charged with a crime. Hoping that this legal problem will clear up on its own is not an effective strategy. The legal team at The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC, tirelessly advocates for individuals facing serious accusations or charges. We do not judge our clients and are dedicated to using the law to protect their future and their rights. Contact us today to arrange your no-cost consultation.

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