How Severe Is a Drug Possession Charge?


It can be pretty scary thinking about your drug possession charge and what it means for your immediate and near-future. With a possible conviction looming around the corner, it may be more important than ever to take action to defend yourself and protect your future. Drug possession charges are serious, no matter what drug you were alleged to be possessing. Whether it’s the hefty fines you may have to pay or a long jail sentence, a drug possession conviction can cause you a tremendous amount of grief. On top of legal penalties, some aspects of your life may be affected by a conviction including your ability to apply for certain loans and your ability to retain or gain lawful employment. The ripple effects of these consequences can be felt not only for a long time but by those nearest and dearest to you. The most effective defense for a drug possession charge is having someone on your side who has defended cases like yours. Contact a drug crimes attorney as soon as possible and work towards building a solid defense to combat your charges.

What If This Isn’t My First Drug Possession Charge?

While being charged with possession of a controlled substance may be daunting if it is your first drug charge, being a repeat offender can be even worse. Depending on if your drug charge is your second, third, or even fourth charge, you may be facing unspeakable consequences including years and years of jail time and other life-altering consequences such as the revocation of your driver’s license and losing the ability to own a firearm. While penalties are always decided on a case-by-case basis, the harsh reality is that if you have already been charged with possession of a controlled substance in the past, you may be more likely to face increased punishment for a repeat offense. The importance of hiring a drug crimes attorney if you are facing yet another drug possession charge cannot be overstated. From negotiating deals to using evidence to defend you should a criminal trial be necessary, a criminal defense lawyer in Delaware has your back.

How Can a Drug Possession Lawyer Get Me Out Of My Legal Troubles?

We understand how impactful a drug possession conviction can be on your life. You owe it to yourself and your family to protect your livelihood, your rights, and especially your freedoms. At The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC, we can help you fight for justice, one step at a time. For a free consultation, call us at (740) 883-3400.

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