Michelle St. Louis Horrified by Accusation of Misconduct by Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney; Fears for Safety After Online Campaign by Accuser’s Mother.

Michelle St. Louis, resident of Mesa, Arizona, was aghast to receive notice of an indictment and allegations of impropriety by the Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney. She has retained local counsel and will be present and fully invested in defending this case.

At this time, her criminal defense lawyer in Delaware have received no evidence of the content of the alleged photos, the source of the alleged photos, or whether the recipient was a protected person. The Law Office of Brian Jones is actively conducting its investigation, and encourages anyone with information on the subject to contact (740) 883-3400.

In any situation, there are multiple versions of events based on each individuals perspective and intent. We’re eager to learn of the State’s perspective and would remind everyone it is the State’s burden to prove that perspective and intent to the exclusion of all reasonable alternative versions.

As for Mrs. St. Louis, she’s horrified that this child may have been harmed. She wishes nothing but the best for the individual involved in this case.

The Law Office of Brian Jones questions the motives of anyone willing to splash the alleged victimization of their own minor child to the media and reminds everyone involved or interested in this case to be respectful of that individual’s rights under Marsy’s Law.

The Law Office of Brian Jones further questions the motives of someone who is willing to spread the identity and photographs of innocent, uninvolved children for attack and ridicule on her personal Facebook page.

Finally, there are a variety of children involved in this investigation and a person who has been accused, not convicted, of a crime. The Law Office of Brian Jones reminds the public and the media to be respectful of all those involved. With the vitriol that has been posted on Facebook already, there are serious concerns for the safety of the Law Office of Brian Jones, our clients, and their families.


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