What Are the Consequences of Being Accused of a Sexual Crime?

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On the heels of the “Me Too” movement, more and more accusations of sexual crimes have been pouring out of those affected. While many of these accusations are substantiated and largely beneficial to society, other accusations made during this wave have been baseless and incredibly harmful to many across the country. Many high-profile people and stars have been accused of sexual offenses but many of them have the means to combat these allegations and stay relatively afloat during these difficult times. With public relation teams and managers handling the fallout of their accusations, the effects of an accusation can be less critical to them than they can be for you. If you are accused of a sexual crime, your reputation may take a major hit. With no PR team or managing firm to handle your situation, you may find yourself as a target amongst your friends and family. Sexual crime allegations can affect your status at work, socially, and romantically. In other words, a sexual crime allegation levied against you can affect nearly every significant aspect of your life. These false allegations can cost you dearly in the long run. Get ahead of your situation and contact our criminal defense attorneys in Delaware to help you manage your situation and clear your name.

Why Do False Accusations Happen?

False accusations may occur because of previous romantic relationships. There are times when relationships end on bad terms and a vengeful party may come after you with false allegations as revenge. Others might be after a payout after claiming sexual abuse. No matter the motive, these allegations have serious implications on your life. Do not let these false allegations build steam. Call our law office immediately so we can get started with defending your case.

Will These False Allegations Lead to a Criminal Charge?

Because sex crimes are prosecuted harshly and tend to be more subjective than other crimes, false allegations made against you may lead to criminal charges even without solid evidence backing up the claim. A criminal defense lawyer can use that lack of evidence along with other facts to defend you should any criminal charges be filed against you.

What Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do to Help Clear My Name?

Sex crime allegations should be taken seriously once they are made. Do not hesitate to reach out for legal help as soon as possible when this occurs. Our legal team can formulate a plan to defend you from these allegations and ensure your reputation isn’t impacted by these falsities. Schedule a free consultation by calling 740-217-4273 today.

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