What Drug Crime Cases Can a Lawyer Help Me With?

Different kinds of drugs

Drug crimes are vast and vary tremendously. Depending on the drug crime you have been charged with, you may be facing a misdemeanor or a felony. The difference between these two types of crimes is significant. A drug crimes attorney can help you defend against an assortment of drug charges including possession of a controlled substance, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, possession of drug paraphernalia, and even DUI/OVI drug-related charges. Even if your drug charge involves a less severe controlled substance, the penalties can have long-lasting effects on you and your life. Gain back a sense of control over your charges and fight back with the help of a drug crimes attorney. Setting up a solid plan with the help of a lawyer from the very beginning can make your life infinitely easier as your case progresses. You can rest assured your case will be in good hands if you enlist the help of one of our skilled drug crimes lawyers today.

What are Common Defenses Against Drug Charges?

Drug charges can be particularly difficult to overcome, especially if there is overwhelming evidence pointing towards your guilt. However, even if you feel like you have reached the end of the line, a criminal defense attorney in Delaware can help you use defenses that you may not have thought of as viable. Illegal search and seizure is a defense that can be used by your legal team to have certain pieces of evidence dismissed if it is found that your rights were violated by law enforcement. While the success of such defenses may vary from case-to-case, by consulting with a drug crimes attorney you can see the legal options available to you.

Does My Case Need to Go to Court to Give Me the Best Chance of Winning?

While a few drug crime cases end up going to trial, one of the most effective ways of achieving a beneficial outcome can be to take or negotiate a plea deal. While plea deals are no guarantee, especially if your charges are severe, you may be able to have your charges dropped or reduced with the help of a drug crime attorney. Avoiding trial altogether can be a good way to get the results you need.

What are the Chances a Drug Crimes Lawyer Can Help Me Win My Case?

The drug crimes lawyers at our law firm pride themselves on trying to provide you the best defense and service possible. See if we are a good fit for you and let us get a sense of your situation with a free consultation. Call us at (740) 883-3400 today.

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