What Should I Do If I’m Accused of Sexual Harassment?

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Being a college student can be challenging. With so many assignments, tests, projects, and deadlines to keep up with, it can be stressful balancing your academics with your social life. Time at college should be exciting and fruitful. So when you are suddenly accused of sexually harassing someone, your stress and worry may increase ten-fold. Sexual harassment allegations are not taken lightly by your school’s governing body. Title IX regulations are put into place in order to make sure any such allegations are properly handled by the school to see if punishment must be levied. The prospects of facing a Title IX hearing may frighten you but if you contact one of our experienced Title IX lawyers, you can experience a greater sense of confidence knowing that you will have sage legal advice every step of the way.

What are the Consequences of Being Found Guilty of Sexual Harassment at My School?

A sexual harassment allegation, especially in this day and age, can be incredibly challenging to live with. In the minds of many, a sexual harassment allegation is a stain on your reputation. Combatting these allegations should be in your best interests, especially with the potential fallout. On top of potentially getting kicked out of your school, you may be unable to gain admission into other schools. Being found guilty of sexual harassment can also make you lose your job or find it difficult to get another job in the future. Don’t let your sexual harassment allegations bully you into submission. Fight back to clear your name and your reputation with the help of our experienced Title IX defense lawyers today.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Title IX Hearing?

Although it is not required to have legal counsel for your Title IX hearing, you may be making a mistake if you opt to proceed without a lawyer on your side. A Title IX lawyer knows how these hearings go and is adept at handling any challenges that arise along the way. Hire a criminal defense lawyer in Delaware to help guide you through the ins and outs of your case

Will a Lawyer Give Me the Best Chance of Beating My Sexual Harassment Allegations?

When the stakes are so high and your future is in the balance, it’s critical to have someone by your side that can support you and fight for you when you need it the most. Let our defense attorneys tackle your case so you can rest easy. Call us at (740) 883-3400 to schedule a free consultation for your case.

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