Why Was I Accused of Child Abuse?

Father yelling at a child

Being accused of or charged with any crime can be a nerve-wracking situation for anyone. Even a straight-edged law-abiding citizen can find themselves in legal trouble in the blink of an eye. Domestic violence situations can happen at a moment’s notice. One domestic violence charge that is perceived as more severe than others is child abuse. Because of a child’s inherent innocence, any crimes committed against a child carries a hefty stigma from outsiders. These stigmas can cause you to have a tremendous disadvantage if you have been charged with child abuse. What others may not understand is that your actions may have been misconstrued as child abuse when in fact, you did nothing wrong. Whether you tugged on your child’s arm too hard and injured them or you rightfully disciplined your child, child abuse can often be subjective, making it easy to get charged for. You deserve to defend yourself from these charges or allegations. A child abuse attorney can make a major difference in your case. A child abuse conviction has the power to upend your entire life. Do not let it get that far. Reach out to one of our domestic violence attorneys today.

What Defense Can a Child Abuse Attorney Use To Help Me?

Child abuse defenses can be tricky but also straightforward at times. Believe it or not, one of the most common defenses for child abuse is simply claiming the allegations are false. Many family units can be a bit dysfunctional. Your child abuse allegations may have been brought against you as a ploy for revenge or out of a fit of jealousy. Some child abuse claims are even levied against others so the accuser can gain an advantage in child custody proceedings. There are many other defenses your criminal defense attorney in Delaware can use on your behalf. Determining which one can give you the best chance for success is something you should consult with your attorney about.

What are the Consequences of a Child Abuse Conviction?

Being convicted for child abuse carries heavy penalties. From significant legal fines to years of incarceration, a child abuse conviction is not something you should take lightly. On top of the obvious consequences, your reputation may forever be tarnished if you end up convicted of child abuse. You may also lose visitation and child custody rights for your child.

How Can a Child Abuse Attorney Help Me With My Case?

Our domestic violence attorneys are equipped and ready to serve you and ensure any child abuse allegations or charges levied against you are met with a terrific defense. Call us at (740) 883-3400 for a free case evaluation today.

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