Why You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

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The judicial system is set up for two primary reasons. 1. To keep the public safe. 2. To punish those who break the law. Once someone is charged with a crime, there is a large system of people from police officers to detectives, to prosecutor and assistance prosecutors that will use unlimited resources to work against the alleged perpetrator. The average citizen is no match for their resources, legal language and processes, and combined knowledge of the legal system. A criminal defense lawyer can help in many ways.

First, they can get your personal perspective on things with an unbiased eye, unlike the detectives and prosecutors, who look at it only to find evidence of guilt. A criminal defense attorney can investigate by not only getting your side of the story, but also by getting witnesses, documents, and other evidence that can poke holes in the offense at the very least or find you completely exempt from any wrongdoing at the very best.

Second, no one in the prosecutor’s office is looking at the police officers’ conduct. However, a good defense attorney will. Defense attorneys and their offices are adept at filing motions to suppress evidence that was gained by the offense inappropriately.

Third, laws are changing all the time. They are also different depending upon State and locality. Without a law degree and continuing education courses, it is nearly impossible for the average person to have a completely accurate knowledge of their rights. A defense attorney will look at time, location, and exactly what happened to make sure that the charges fit the alleged crime and that the arrestee’s rights weren’t violated in the process.

Fourth, with all of this knowledge a defense attorney can develop a plan of action for the defense. A good attorney will have a process they follow that can collect all the individual brush strokes of the painting into one big picture, where they can then choose the best defense to reach the desired outcome. In a military battle, it is physically impossible for a ground soldier to see the most vulnerable point of entry to meet their goal, but the commander can view the big picture on a map and point the soldier in the right direction. With this view, the defense attorney can also then help you make the best decisions on which way to turn when confronting an obstacle in your case, and let you know if there is an alternative route should you reach a dead end.

Fifth, it is your future at hand, and you are the only one who can make the choice to take a plea deal or go to trial. You can only make the best decision for yourself if you know what resources you have. An attorney will be there with you should you decide to go to trial and show the weaknesses or outright lies that may have become part of the offense. Remember that as an American citizen, you have rights, and it is only if the prosecutor can prove his or her side of the story without a reasonable doubt, that those rights can ever be taken away or weakened. Do not let the justice system take those rights out of your reach. A qualified attorney will work with you and your family to communicate and assert those rights and defend your freedoms.

A law firm that works together to develop a formidable defense team against the very strong, long-standing offense system will value you, your side of the story, and your freedoms as much as you do and fight for them as though they are fighting for their own. If you or someone you know has questions about their rights, don’t hesitate to contact us about your situation.

Contact us today to start the process of getting a clean slate in the New Year. Wishing you all the best and a very safe holiday season.

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