Drug Crimes

Lawyers Who Will Fight Your Drug Charges

If you are facing criminal charges related to drugs, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Even seemingly minor charges, like drug possession, can have huge ramifications on a person’s life if they are convicted of a crime. The earlier that an attorney is involved, the more effectively he or she can begin investigating the charges and evidence to develop a strategy to eliminate or reduce your charges.

Get A Strong Defense From Trusted Attorneys

The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC can help you whether you are facing charges for simple possession of a controlled substance or more charges for more complex drug-related crimes. Our attorneys have more than 15 years of criminal defense experience, and they know how to defend your rights. People in central Ohio can contact our Delaware office to start building their personalized criminal defense strategy. Call us now at 740-513-4830 to schedule your free consultation.

Our attorneys represent people who are facing many types of criminal charges related to controlled substances, including:

  • Possession
  • Drug-related OVIs/DUIs
  • Distribution
  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing
  • Trafficking
  • Unauthorized prescription drug

A conviction for simple drug possession can result in the loss of your driver’s license as well as jail time and fines. Being convicted of more serious drug crime felonies, such as selling or trafficking, can result in lengthy prison sentences. The penalties will depend on the type of drug involved, the quantity involved, whether minors were part of the situation and any previous criminal history.

Are You Ready To Build Your Aggressive Defense?

A dedicated lawyer at our firm will use a personalized case strategy to challenge the charges brought against you. Our attorneys can negotiate for reduced charges and work out deals for lesser penalties. We urge you to contact our office by email or call us at 740-513-4830 to schedule your free consultation. Se habla español.