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Morrow County Common Pleas Court

Morrow County Common Pleas Court

Morrow County Court of Common Pleas: 
General and Domestic Relations Divisions 
117 North Sandusky Street 
Morrow, Ohio 43015

The Morrow County Court of Common Pleas is comprised of the following four divisions:

  • General – The general division has original jurisdiction over all felony cases and over all civil cases in which the amount in dispute exceeds $15,000. The general division can also issue injunctions and other forms of equitable relief, and it has appellate jurisdiction over decisions of some state and local administrative agencies and boards.
    • Judge Tom C. Elkin
    • Judge Robert C. Hickson Jr.
  • Domestic Relations – The domestic-relations division handles divorces, marriage dissolutions, and child-custody disputes.
  • Juvenile – The juvenile division focuses on cases involving minors (persons under age 18), including civil, criminal, traffic, and abuse/neglect/dependency cases.
  • Probate – The probate division hears cases involving wills, estates, guardianships, and adoptions, and it also issues marriage licenses.

The Common Pleas Court

Every county in Ohio has a Common Pleas Court which have one or more Judges. A Common Pleas Court oversees cases involving such matters as real estate, personal injury, breach of contract, marital conflicts, probating of estates, guardianship of minors, and business relationships. This court also has jurisdiction to oversee all criminal felony cases. The Common Pleas Court also has authority to hear appeals from decisions of Municipal and County Courts as well as state and local administrative agencies. The jurisdiction of Municipal, County, and Mayors’ Courts is regulated by statute, but the Common Pleas Court has countywide jurisdiction. Because this jurisdiction is established by the Ohio Constitution, it cannot be changed without a constitutional amendment.

Ohio’s Court of Common Pleas is authorized by Article IV, Section 1 of the Ohio Constitution.

Probate Court

Every county in Ohio has a Probate Court which is part of the Common Pleas Court. The Probate Court is generally charged with overseeing the administration of estates upon the death of an individual who dies a resident of the state. Probate courts also issue marriage licenses and have jurisdiction over adoptions, name changes, competency hearings, and involuntary civil mental health commitments. Along with County and Municipal Court Judges, a Probate Judge may perform marriages.

Domestic Relations

The Domestic Relations Court, normally a separate division of the Common Pleas Court, has jurisdiction over all proceedings involving termination of marriages, annulment, legal separation, spousal support, allocation of parental rights and responsibilities (including visitation), and authority over the care and support of children of divorced parents.

Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Court is another division of the Common Pleas Court with jurisdiction to hear only cases involving juveniles (children under 18) alleged to be delinquent, unruly, abused, neglected or dependent. This court also determines issues of paternity, custody, and child support in cases involving children who have been born out of wedlock, or if no action for divorce, dissolution, annulment or legal separation has been filed in the Common Pleas Court Domestic Relations Division.

Appeals Court

Appeals Courts oversee and decide all appeals from decisions of Ohio’s Trial Courts except Mayors’ Courts as explained above. Appeals Courts also have original jurisdiction to hear certain special proceedings, which means such proceedings are filed directly in the Appeals Court rather than a Trial Court.

Ohio is divided into 12 Appellate Districts, with each district having three or more Judges. Each case before the Court of Appeals is heard by a panel of three Judges. These Courts decide matters of law based on the record of the Trial Court, the written arguments called briefs (which are prepared by the attorneys), and the oral arguments before the Court. After hearing arguments about the Trial Court’s decision, the Appeals Court may either affirm or reverse the Trial Court, or remand the case to the Trial Court for further proceedings. Appeals Courts issue formal decisions called opinions, which are based upon whether or not prejudicial errors were made at the trial court level.

Morrow County Service Area

If you or a loved one reside in the following areas in Morrow County we can serve you for any matter at the Morrow County Municipal Court. Morrow County Cities, Towns, Townships, and other locations:

  • Mt. Gilead
  • Cardington
  • Marengo
  • Chesterville
  • Edison
  • Fulton
  • Iberia
  • Sparta

Morrow County Zip Codes:

  • 43003
  • 43011
  • 43019
  • 43050
  • 43074
  • 43314
  • 43315
  • 43317
  • 43320
  • 43321
  • 43325
  • 43334
  • 43338
  • 43349
  • 43350
  • 43356
  • 44813
  • 44833
  • 44903
  • 44904

Need an Attorney for Morrow County Common Pleas Court?

Have you been arrested in Morrow County, Ohio? Have you seen a friend or loved one arrested in Morrow County, Ohio? After an arrest or detention for a criminal offense in Morrow County, Ohio, contact an attorney who is experienced in fighting for your rights in Common Pleas Court.

If so and you are planning for a hearing at the Court of Common Pleas in Morrow County then contact a dedicated criminal defense attorney in Delaware.

The Law Office of Brian Jones has extensive knowledge of the Court of Common Pleas, especially in Morrow County. We are very familiar with the staff, attorneys, and Judges which are dedicated to these Courts.

It is important to remember that throughout this process, your rights must be protected. While our attorneys will advise you on the facts, law, and anticipated outcomes, the decisions must ultimately come from you. These rights include:

  • To accept or reject any proposed offer of dismissal, amendment/reduction or plea bargain;
  • To take the stand at trial and testify on your own behalf; and
  • To allow the case to go to trial, or accept a plea offer.

The Law Office of Brian Jones can assist you with with any felony charge heard at the Morrow County Common Pleas Court. We will walk you through Arraignment, Discovery, Pre-Trial, Motions, Trial, Sentencing, Appeals, and other Post-Conviction options. For more information (CLICK HERE).

If you or someone you know is facing criminal prosecution in the Morrow Common Pleas Court, then contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Contact our team now for more information about how our dedicated criminal defense attorney can serve you. 

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