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There have been numerous stories of positive verdicts being reached with the help of our firm. Our clients know that we treat their case with the highest level of dedication and passion that they can often rest easy knowing their situation is in excellent hands.

On one occasion, Attorney Brian Jones was given only two hours to prepare for a case before being asked to defend his client before the court. He refused to comply with the judge’s orders, knowing full well that merely a few hours would not be enough time to prepare a case worthy of his client. Arrested for his non-compliance with court orders, he was later released and given the President’s Commendation for Outstanding Service as a high honor. It is because of instances such as this that the firm has become known as a team of legal representatives that seeks to bring about justice while protecting the rights of each of their clients.

Our firm has had several clients this year who were wrongfully accused of stealing from area stores. Including the following case of Client X, a total of three different clients have had their charges dismissed due to the diligence of Attorney Brian Jones and his team.

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  • All Charges Dismissed 25-Year-Old Sexual Allegations

    After being subjected to 25-year-old sexual allegations, with the tremendous efforts of the attorneys and staff at The Law Office of Brian Jones, the pending accusations were dismissed before indictment occurred.

  • All Charges Dismissed Sexual Molestation

    Our client was charged with rape when a five-year-old girl claimed our twelve-year-old client touched her during nap time at the in-home daycare our client’s mother ran. The allegation couldn’t be true because the girl was never out of the caregiver’s vision. We hit the law books, and through written argument and in-court testimony, convinced the judge the mother’s testimony was hearsay without a valid exception.

  • Dismissed 5 Counts of Rape

    Client was indicted in 2018 from allegations originally made in 2012. Nevertheless, our attorneys were able to file a motion to dismiss due to Pre-Indictment delay, as well as a motion due to charges being outside the statute of limitations, and the case was granted by a dismissal.

  • Dismissed and Record Sealed Misdemeanor Telecommunications Harassment, Menacing

    Our client, a loving husband, became enraged when he discovered that his wife had been having an extramarital affair. After the conclusion of the case, our office worked with the client to seal the records, allowing our client to continue living his life free of a criminal record.

  • Not Guilty Sexual Abuse

    A loving father and husband was shocked when he was accused of sexually abusing his daughter in law. Through a jury trial we portrayed the sinister intentions of the wife and inconsistency of the story.

  • Case Dismissed Falsification

    Our client, a member of the deaf community, was charged with falsification. Simply a miscommunication. When we explained the miscommunication to the prosecution, they decided to drop the charges.

  • Case Dismissed Theft

    While using the self-checkout at a local store our client forgot to scan an item under the cart and was accused of theft. In the end, we were able to get her guilty plea withdrawn, had the case dropped and her record sealed.

  • OVI Dismissed OVI

    Our client got into a car accident on a country road and was found several hours later. A failure to follow protocol turned this from an OVI case to a car accident case. The OVI charges were dropped and our client was held accountable for his wreck.

  • Case Dismissed Theft

    A relaxing shopping trip for a busy mom turned into a nightmare when she was accused of theft. We pointed out the lack of evidence as well as the ridiculousness of the allegation and the case was dropped by the prosecution.

  • Not Guilty Arson and Domestic Violence

    Our client was charged with arson and domestic violence. We highlighted the problems with the report as well as the true character of the ex-girlfriend and won our client his freedom.

  • Charges Dropped Planned Attack

    After the loss of a close friend, our teenage client was going through times that would bring a well-adjusted adult to their knees. In the end the charges were dropped and our client was allowed to continue his education.

  • Case Dismissed Theft

    Our client had agreed to build cabinets for a returning customer and had done his part, but was waiting for the customer to decide on some specifics. The customer took months without giving direction and abruptly voided the contract. After the State made their argument, the Judge thought the case was so ridiculous that he dismissed it with the rare Criminal Rule 29 Judgmental Acquittal.

  • Found Not Guilty Burglary & Theft of Dangerous Drugs

    Client was charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of theft of dangerous drugs and found not guilty in trial.

  • Charges Dismissed OVI with a Breath Test Over the Legal Limit

    Client was accused of Operating a Vehicle with a Prohibited Blood Alcohol Concentration. She was originally pulled over for an improper turn out of a bar parking lot. Mr. Jones convinced the Court that the original order was proper and the prosecutor was simply trying to make up for his mistake in missing the deadline.

  • Charges Dismissed Theft

    Client X was charged with theft, a first-degree misdemeanor, after allegedly stealing from a local store. The trial never happened though. After our client refused the prosecution’s offer at the final pre-trial, the prosecutor dismissed the charge.

  • Charges Dismissed Assault

    Client was charged with assault, a first-degree misdemeanor, after allegedly hitting another person. Our investigation revealed inconsistent, unbelievable statements from the State’s witnesses.

  • Charges Dismissed Criminal Damaging

    Client was charged with criminal damaging, a second-degree misdemeanor, after allegedly smashing up a relative’s car with an “unknown object.” At our initial consultation, it was clear Client was innocent. State dismissed the charge several days before trial.

  • Charges Dismissed Domestic Violence, Assault, Disorderly Conduct

    Mr. Client came home from the bar one evening to find his girlfriend, Ms. Girlfriend, drunk and upset. Investigation and preparation won the day for Mr. Client.

  • Not Guilty Verdict at Jury Trial Felonious Assault with a Deadly Weapon

    The State of Ohio alleged Mr. Client ran over another man with his car. Mr. Client was delinquent on his car payments and the dealership had been trying to repossess the car. Mr. Client was homeless and living out of the car, so he was doing everything he could to get the money together and avoid repossession until he could get caught up on the payments.

  • All charges were dismissed OVI, Marked Lanes Violation

    The result of our client's breath test was inconsistent with the amount of alcohol Ms. Client drank. On the day of trial, the prosecutor dismissed all charges against Ms. Client.

  • Reduction of charges OVI/Possession of Marijuana

    After careful scrutiny of the BMV Administrative License Suspension form, we were able to errors in the imposition of the Administrative Suspension by the arresting officer. Ultimately, we are able to secure a reduction from the originally charged offense.

  • Reduction of charges Speeding

    When a client came to our office with a series of speeding tickets and was close to losing his license, we went to work finding as many solutions as possible. While the prosecutor was not willing to drop the ticket, we did find out what programs were available to effectively reduce the number of points on his license.

  • Reduction of Charges Permitting Underage Consumption

    Police conducted what we believed to be an illegal search of our client’s residence. Though we lost at the Motion to Suppress hearing, the presentation of evidence at that hearing convinced the prosecutor, who offered a substantially reduced charge with no probation and we convinced the Court to impose a minor fine.

  • OVI Dismissed OVI

    OVI dismissed. Our client experienced a medical episode resulting in a single-car accident. When confronted by law enforcement, she was accused of drunk driving. Our office litigated and won a Motion to Suppress because the officer failed to properly conduct field sobriety tests and the voluntary urine sample was mishandled by the testing laboratory.

  • Full Custody Custody

    A father came to us desperate to protect his infant son from an erratic and potentially dangerous relationship with his birth mother, who was suspected of suffering a drug addiction. After working with our client to establish paternity, we were able to convince the Court that it was in the best interest of the child for his father to receive full custody of his son.

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